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North Central Wisconsin Orff AOSA Chapter #121

2014-15 Events

NCWO has a reciprocity agreement with Greater Milwaukee Orff Dimensions and AWAKE.  Please present your membership card upon registration

Balanced Literacy & the Schulwerk: Creating Independent Musicians through elemental Music

Saturday February 21, 2015

Balanced Literacy is a methodology that integrates various modalities of literacy instruction using assessment based curriculum. Through these various modalities, the teacher implements a well-planned comprehensive literacy program based in authentic texts and songs. This curriculum reflects a gradual release of control, whereby the responsibility is gradually shifted from teacher dependance to student independence. In Orff Schulwerk the process is similar where we begin with imitation of teacher and end with creation/improvisation by students. This workshop will focus on the similarities between these methodologies and how an Orff focused classroom can achieve literacy based concepts and foster student independence. Participants will experience strategies to create successful improvisation and composition experiences, assessment tools to help propel students quicker towards musical independence, connections to common core standards, as well as how to use less repertoire to achieve more literacy. 

Paul Weller

Paul Weller teaches elemental music literacy to grades 1-5 in Minnesota. He is a graduate of St. Olaf College, has a M.A. in Education from Saint Mary's University, Orff-Schulwerk certification from University of St. Thomas, and teaches Level 1 at Boise State. Paul teaches at conferences and workshops around the country and serves both the Minnesota Orff and Kodaly boards as their webmaster. Recently, Paul co-authored a book called Ring, Dance, Play which helps incorporate Choirchimes into a general education curriculum. 


Orff and Kodaly: Complimentary Pedagogies

Saturday September 20, 2014

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Music educators often feel pressured to choose between Orff Schulwerk and Kodaly. Why choose when you can have both? This session will highlight how these two active music-making approaches cannot only co-exist in the music classroom but can strengthen one another. Attendees will participate in a variety of activities in which Orff and Kodaly philosophies intertwine to create musically meaningful experiences for students.

Andrew Ellingsen

Andrew Ellingsen teaches elementary music at John Cline Elementary (Decorah, IA). He earned his B.A. at Luther College (Decorah, IA) and his M.A.M.E. at the University of St. Thomas (St. Paul, MN) with a dual concentration in Kodaly and Orff Schulwerk. He has served on the national board for the American Association of Kodaly Educators, is a Past President of the Midwest Kodaly Educators of America, a Past President of the Kodaly Chapter of Minnesota, and has served on the board for Minnesota Orff. Ellingsen teaches in the music education department at Luther College, the Southern Methodist University Orff Course (Dallas, TX), and has presented workshops and sessions at state, regional, and national conferences.


Stamp, Patschen, Clapp, App - iPads in the Orff Process

Saturday October 4, 2014 

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This special mini-workshop is a sneak peek event! Come and experience what a session at the AOSA National Professional Development Conference is like! Laurin Dodge will be presenting this session at this year's AOSA Conference in Nashville, TN in November. Come to learn about the conference and experience a sample session. 

In this workshop, participants are guided through collaborative activities that illustrate how various apps work as tools in creating, moving, and playing within the Orff process. Explore ideas and processes that apply to multiple grade levels and can be taken right back to your classroom!

Laurin Dodge

Laurin Dodge teaches K-8 music in Madison, WI. Laurin has written curriculum for two districts and continues to eagerly find ways to incorporate technology and integrate the arts. Laurin received her Bachelor of Music degree in Music Education from UW-Madison, and has taught in the Twin Cities, Milwaukee, and Madison areas. In her free time, she enjoys playing ping-pong with her husband, dancing in a Greek dance troupe and planning vacations. 

Orff-Schulwerk & Music Learning Theory: Pathways & Intersections

Saturday October 18, 2014

Participants will explore some of the ways that Music Learning Theory might compliment Orff-centered curriculum as well as points where the two approaches converge, such as movement, modes, language, and creativity.

Herbert "Butch" Marshall

Herbert Marshall is Associate Professor of Music Education at Baldwin Wallace University, where he's the early childhood and classroom specialist. Along with 11 years of public school experience, he holds degrees from Michigan State University, Syracuse University, and Temple University. He is certified in Music Learning Theory and Orff-Schulwerk and is a sanctioned instructor in Music Learning Theory. He is published by Oxford, GIA, Rowman & Littlefield, as well as in NAfME journals. He is an active consultant and clinician, including several presentations for the Alliance for Active Music Making. 

WMEA State Music Conference

October 29-November 1, 2014 at Monona Terrace in Madison, WI

AOSA National Professional Development Conference "Music City Montage"

November 5-8, 2014 in Nashville, TN